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Our goal is to eliminate barriers that hold back creatives from producing their finest work.

We endeavour to bring cutting-edge tools and technologies to improve the workflow of creative designers through strategic partnerships

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Use our ecosystem tools to unleash your creativity and advance your craft.

YouDesign is a platform for on-demand creativity that connects project owners with graphic designers and offers benefits to companies, creatives in the field, and the greater nation and continent.
NGDX is an annual creative conference aimed to celebrate the creative industry, chart a route to grow the awareness of its viability and exhibit new trends of the practice to the creative community
Join our Facebook community for all the fun and camaraderie, and develop with honest market feedback to hone your skills. Lots of enjoyment, design challenges with rewards, and positive vibes.
Subscription-based video courses for software skill development in the creative business. Learn from industry leaders in their many fields of expertise.
To further your corporate and business goals, outsource your creative team to trusted, skilled, and validated creative specialists on a variety of flexible contracts on TalentPRO.
With interactive design stories, industry insights, and design trends compiled daily and delivered to your inbox, you can learn and advance your design consciousness.


Facebook Community Members


NGDX Design Conference Event with over 400 attendees


Registered creative Freelance Designers in the marketplace


Secondary school students trained on the viability of choosing creative careers


Students trained


Paid out on community events and activities


Facebook Interactive audio-live Rooms sessions


NGD Talent PRO registrations and 4 shortlist interviews, 25 Pro Talents onboarded


NGD Academy video created, due for launch to young creative enthusiasts End of April 2022.

NGD Blog

Guides to grow your creative passion

Effective cold email for freelancers
Freelancers need clients to help keep the lights on and for challenges but these prized calves, rarely knock on your door every second. It's, your job to seek them out and make yourself available.
Social media Content for graphic Designers
Social media content ideas for graphic designers didn't matter about 15 years ago as social media was negligible and most designers landed sales through referrals.
A Theologists discovers Corel Draw
What happens when a seminarian comes across the Corel draw software? The answer to this question lies in tobi otun's early days when he stumbled across corel draw.


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Our goal is to eliminate barriers preventing creatives from doing their finest work. To do this, we bring cutting-edge tools and technologies to improve the workflow of creative designers through strategic partnerships.

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The Facebook community is one of the platforms through which we give creatives their voice.

By being a creative you are already one of us fam. You can create a portfolio profile on any of our sites, or join the Facebook community. Go to the product section and start from there.

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