Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I get paid as a designer?
We have three payment options:
Per-Project Milestone billing -You collaborate directly with a project manager, who will negotiate the terms for each project(s) assigned your way. Milestones will be agreed and defined for each project, At the end of every project, all payments are reconciled according to agreement reached by both parties.
Retained billing -Negotiate a once-off monthly retainership with our Project Manager. This way, you don’t have to go through the rigor of negotiating just everything. Your agreed fee is credited to your NGD wallet and you are free to spend as you wish.
Closed Contests -Projects are published with the budget indicated. A percentage of the budget is shared equally amongst all initial participants of the contest. Another percentage is apportioned to the shortlisted participants as they embark on another round of contest to win the project. The winner of the project takes up all whats left after a selection has been made.
Where do I start?
Sign up as a designer on the home page to get assigned to design projects, or sign up a project owner if you have design projects you will like to publish on the platform, fill out a detailed brief, and your work gets published on the platform then assigned to designers whose discipline matches your request. As a designer, once you are assigned, you get an email notifying you on the email you used in registering your account.
Who Owns the copyright of contents created?
On NGD, until payment is made to the designer, each designer owns the rights to their design. During the handover stage, the designer agrees to transfer the rights, and NGD transfers onward to the payer of that service who now becomes the owner of the copyright for the design.
How much does it cost to sign up as a designer on NGD?
Joining the community is absolutely free. However, NGD charges 5% administrative fee for every completed transaction on the platform.
What other benefits do I enjoy as a designer on NGD?
Joining the community is absolutely free. As a Signee, you get access to Training Content, Newsletters, and blog posts, being part of a network of like-minded creatives, collaboration with other creatives, get to work from wherever you find comfort. This list will be updated from time to time as the list of our partners get reviewed.
Why does the platform record my completed projects?
We from time to time, we reward diligence and encourage creatives to grow their career in a curated community that thrives solely on their passion and dedication. The number of completed projects and the time taking to deliver them is just one of the ways our system picks up diligent creatives worthy of any reward or recognition.
How do Artists who work on project get credits for their work?
All designers can get due credit for their work by simply updating such projects on their personal portfolios. We may from time to time feature designers and their projects which they can also reference to their credit. It is completely up to the artists. What is unacceptable will be to attribute the said credit to another business entity other than the individual artist who directly collaborated on the creation of the said creative. Serious consequences will apply if a project conducted on NGD is credited to another business entity by virtue of its relationship with the designer who created it.
Can Designers add projects created on the platform to their personal portfolios?
Yes. This is allowed.
How do I set up a client account? Or are you accepting client accounts?
Yes we accept client accounts. You can register as a client by starting your project on the home page. Under the how it works section, select “I need a designer” and you will see the button prompting you to start your project. You will be directed to a page where you can fill out all relevant information about your project. Once this is done, you will be contacted to close all loop holes after which the project will be published on the platform and assigned to designers that suit your request.
Why have I not been assigned any project?
By registering on NGD, your creative discipline is already inputed into the system. Projects are assigned based on the discipline creatives filled on their registration forms. If you haven’t gotten any assignment, exercise some patience, because when it rains, it pours.
Can I register as an agency?
Yes! You can register as an agency that specialise in an array of creative fields. Fill out your registration using your agency name, and you could get assignments based on disciplines you have indicated on your registration form.